Leagues May, 31st 2011 by IHW

Cadiz: "It has been quite the year so far"

Our French partner website, Roller Hockey And Fun, recently launched a new series of articles in which some of the well known faces in inline hockey tell their stories. In part one of this series Junior Cadiz tells about his first season playing in Europe and his future plans.

By Patrice Pichery (Photos by DR/AHLVA)

“First big accomplishment I had this year was getting invited to the FIRS USA try outs and making the team then going to the Czech Republic last summer and winning the gold. Tournament was a lot of fun and had a good time. It was my first time getting invited to try outs so making the team was an honor in itself.”

“I then got an offer to play in Spain for CPLV Dismeva (Valladolid), which was a blessing. We had quite the season going 27-1, winning the Kings cup, European cup, and the League title all in my first year in Europe. Every tournament was so much fun in itself. I have so many memories of each one.”

“Roller hockey in Europe was a lot more competitive than I thought it would be. The players may not be as skilled as the ones in America, but they sure do work hard which is good to see. Fans on the other hand are a different story. Probably some of the best and loyal fans I have seen just about anywhere would be the ones each team have in Europe. One perfect example would be the European cup in Anglet. Those Anglet fans really did have their team’s back and it showed and was an honor to be a part of even though I was not he opposite team. The fans are definitely what keep me motivated, and know for a fact are the reason why a lot of us keep on playing and trying to put on a show for them.”

“As for next year in Europe, I haven’t made a decision yet on where i will be playing. I have been talking to a few teams in France, and a few in Spain so we will see how things go. I got invited to IIHF tryouts this year so I will try that out first and hopefully make the team and see how that tournament is run for a change. I am looking forward to next season in Europe though, plan as of now is to come back somewhere and do what I can to repeat what we did this year. It should be fun. Thanks again to everyone involved in this year’s ride with me. It’s been unreal so far!”

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