Leagues April, 5th 2011 by JD Miller

Inside the AIHL - New England and Mid Atlantic Division

This week in the AIHL I will be discussing the New England and Mid – Atlantic Divisions. The New England Division looks to be an easy run for the 495ers where the Mid Atlantic looks to be the most balanced division where anyone can win that division to move on to the Finals in Pittsburgh, PA.

New England

The Long Island 495ers seem to have a strangle hold on this division and they look to be on their way to Pittsburgh. They have 8 more wins than the 2nd place Suffolk Sharks. The 495ers will play the Beantown Athletics in the first round of the Divisional Playoffs and look to make short work of the struggling Athletics, who since the Long Island Jamboree seem to be on a spiral downfall. The Athletics started out strong in the first half of the season 8-4 but since have a 2-8-2 record and it is not looking promising for them going into Long Island for the playoffs to face Joe Mazzie and the 495ers. If an upset is on their mid they need to get themselves back into the form they were in the first 12 games. Winner: Long Island 495ers

The other match-up is the Suffolk Sharks vs the Rhode Island Mulissha. The Mulissha took the season series 3-1, but the Sharks are looking to redeem their 2 losses suffered in the season finale against the Mulissha. This series is going to be an interesting one, can Sal Capito shut down John Pinheiro is what i think it will come down to. If he can the Sharks will come out the winner, but I do not see that being the case Pinheiro is ready for playoff hockey and will stop at nothing to advance and take a chance at the 495ers in the divisional finals. Winner: Rhode Island Mulissha

Divisional Winner: Long Island 495ers over Rhode Island Mulissha

Mid Atlantic

This division is so tight and evenly balanced that in my eyes it is the best division in the AIHL. 6 points seperate 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

The Philadelphia Brawlers are the hottest team going into the playoffs riding a 11 game winning streak, they will faceoff against the Philadelphia Liberty in the Divisional Playoffs. The Liberty are 4-1 in their last 5 and look to improve on that record in the playoffs, if Benjamin Davis can steal the games for them like he has all year then maybe they will come out of this series the winners but I do not see them beating the faster more talented Brawlers. The Brawlers are to balanced and can get production from anyone at any time. This series will be short. Winner: Philadelphia Brawlers

Robbie Fulton’s NJ Grizzlies will take on the NJ Nightmare in our other match-up in this division. This should be a good series, with these two teams at 33 points in the regular season. The Grizzlies started the season 11-0 before suffering their first loss but since then they are 5-7-1. If they continue this losing trend the Nightmare will come out of this series the winner. The Nightmare will go out and battle hard against the Grizzlies but I do not see them taking 2 games against a full roster for the Grizzlies. Winner: New Jersey Grizzlies

Divisional Winner: New Jersey Grizzlies over Philadelphia Brawlers

Next week I will be discussing the Southwest and Gulf Coast Divisions.

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