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Joey Doran to play in France

The French league is coming to an end soon and team managers are making sure that the last three or four games count. Some teams, like Villeneuve, need strong players to save them from relegation. Gerry Osterkamp and Joaquin Chavira were signed by Villeneuve, but only Osterkamp made the trip so far. French News site RHAF also mentions a third player in an article on February 17th. They suspect Pat Lee, but that rumor was not confirmed by the team management. Other teams are trying to secure a spot in this year’s European Cup. One of them is the number two team and multiple French national champion Rethel.

Rethel signed Joey Doran, who arrived in France this week, to play in the final three games. Rethel will face Anglet, Grenoble and Angers and are looking to keep that number two position. The number one team, Anglet, has a solid 9 point lead. Doran (1990) is from Corona, California and already played in Europe earlier this season in Civitavecchia (pictured), together with Stephen Campbell. Both players returned home, but Doran didn’t take long to strike a new deal.

Junior Cadiz is also flying back to Valladolid (Spain). Cadiz played for the Spanish league leader multiple times this season (together with Itan Chavira) and has put on quite a show. He leads the league in goals (44) and is the runner up in point (92), after the Slovenian Nejc Sotlar (94 pts).

Update: we wrote there are no play-offs in France, but we were wrong. We will pollish our French skills and get you all the details soon.

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