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Mission T.10 Revolt to be announced at NARCh

We were the first to post the leaked pictures of the Mission T.10 and Bauer APXR skates back in March and the first to remove them after Bauer/Mission kindly asked to do so. In the next few days Mission will show off their new flag ship model skate to the big public during NARCh Finals in Florida. We have seen the skate on the feet of many Mission pro players and earlier leaked pictures, but now Mission also released a short promo video featuring their new skates (and starring the one and only Dave Reskey).

First leaked picture:

Multiple T.10s at TORHS:

So what’s new? Mission is emphasizing on ventilation in the video with the quick drying of the skates and the new ‘True Ventilated Tongue’. This is also by far the most flashy skate Mission has ever made with lots of white (including the toe cap) and even silver material. The yellow laces finish it off in what seems to be a way of differentiating the Mission and Bauer brand even more (the Bauer models being more traditional). Rink Rat seems the be the wheel of choice offering the Hornet Split in matching colors. The video also shows a new tongue insert to prevent lace bite, as pictured below.

So, what do you think? Tell us your opinion in the comments below…

  • Rob Shelton says

    Also on the Skate Pro International facebook page is a teaser of the new APX stick!!! Search for them and check it out. Looks pretty sick!

  • Nicole says

    I'm a player at the NARCH finals and I got to use these skates during a game for free and stopping on the is crazyy sik! I love these skates they feel soo nice! If they were around $400 I wuld get them right away but they are a little pricey at $650 :(

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