Tournaments March, 23rd 2011 by IHW

NARCh launches iPhone App

Daryn Goodwin recently announced a new NARCh iPhone / iPad app on their Facebook page. Of course we installed it right away to check it out. What this app does is basically wrapping the NARCh website pages (and Facebook page) in a nice shell. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a nice marketing tool. It does have one bigger feature, a video tab with all the NARCh videos (pulled in from Youtube). Unfortunately we couldn’t get it to work, so hopefully that will be fixed in a future update. What do you think about the app? Get it from iTunes and let us know in the comments. There is no word yet whether there will be an Android version, but since it’s just a simple shell app we don’t see why not.

More pictures in the gallery at the top of this article (click to enlarge)

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