Leagues March, 1st 2011 by IHW

Pinheiro takes over Scoring Race

The very first game of the AIHL season was held this season in Boston as the Beantown Athletics and Rhode Island Mulissha kicked off the year. At the completetion of the day both the Mulissha’s John Pinheiro and the Athletic’s Tony King were on top of the league leaders list. From that point the Athletics schedule allowed King to build a substantial lead among the league leaders. Now as the Mulissha begin to catch up to the games played, it is Pinheiro who finds himself on top of the list. It is quite a feat given that Pinheiro has been moved to defense this season for th Mulissha.

The race for the top spot is certainly not a two man race. Several divisions are well behind in games played, most notable the Pac South. Last years scoring leader Josh Laricchia will make a case for the top spot before the end of the year and so will teammate Charlie Middleton. Newcomer KC Groon of the Anarchy Black is averaging well over 3 points a game. Denny Schlegel of the Buffalo Fusion, Ben Caliz & Travis Suyeishi of the Oakland Goodlife, Danny Marmorstein of the Phoenix Dragons, Casey Davis of the Georgia Syndicate, & Robbie Fulton of the NJ Grizzlies all lead their respective division in scoring and are all candidates for top scpot in the league.

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