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Shane Irwin: "Czech will be strong!"

The FIRS Junior World Championships take place from July 4 until July 9 in Roccaraso (Italy). French news website Roller Hockey and Fun has asked Shane Irwin, goalie of the Junior Team USA, to update them throughout the tournament. Below is their first interview.

By Doryan Riffaud / Photo: DR

RHAF: Shane, can you introduce yourself in a few words to our readers?
Shane Irwin: “I am 18 years old from Buffalo, New York. I am currently a 2nd semester sophomore at the University of Buffalo. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and Legal Studies, and plan to attend Law School upon graduating.”

RHAF: You make Team USA which is participating to the Junior World championships in Roccaraso from July 4th until the 9th. How did the selections take place?
SI: “Tryouts took place in early May in Harmarville, Pennsylvania. This was the East Coast Tryout, respectively. We selected 14 skaters and 2 goalies. The players are from across the country- California, North Carolina, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, and New York.”

RHAF: What kind of program is it?
SI: “The program is focused solely on the FIRS World Championships. The majority of the team will be departing the United States June 28th and spending a few days in Rome. We will arrive in Roccaraso a day earlier than other teams for an extra practice session.”

RHAF: Have you ever been to Europe?
SI: “I have never been to Europe, or Italy. My mother is half Italian so she is very excited for the trip to experience the culture and atmosphere. The trip is a great opportunity to not only broaden myself as a player, but also as a person.”

RHAF: What are the aims of your team?
SI: “The only aim we have for the team is to win. The team finished 2nd last year, and we see anything besides a gold medal as a failure. Our biggest competition will be the Czech Republic so we will be keeping an intent eye on them throughout the Championships.”

RHAF: What do you know about the other Teams ?
SI: “Most of the other teams play together all year round, and thus have a lot of chemistry. We all play for different teams throughout the year so we have to learn each other very fast and out aside any rivalries we have at home. As I said our biggest threat is the Czechs mainly because they bring their IIHF Junior Ice Hockey team and simply out them on inline skates. They will be very talented. »

RHAF: Do you already know if you will be the Nr. 1 goalkeeper of your selection ?
SI: “The goaltending situation will be pretty fair from what I believe, it is an expensive trip for both of us and we deserve ample playing time. Any games that are clutch will be earned by our play the rest of the tournament. My plan is to just go and play the way I know I can.”

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