Industry April, 4th 2011 by IHW

What happened to the RHI?

Roller Hockey International (RHI) was a professional inline hockey league in the US from ’93 until ’99 (check out Wikipedia). Due to several reasons it never made it into this millennium and the loss of this league was a huge setback for our sport. Richard Graham, the man behind Inline Hockey Central, is a veteran writer and true icon for the coverage of inline hockey. He has been working for years on his new book Wheelers, Dealers, Pucks & Bucks: A Rocking History of Roller Hockey International. This book will have everything you want to know about RHI, from stats to interviews with people involved. Check out Graham’s Facebook Page for the book.

Graham was also interviewed for two documentaries that are being made by Randy Friend and Elliott Haimoff. One will be about Dennis Murphy, the creator of RHI, and one will be about RHI itself. Read more about this in the article published on Inline Hockey Central.

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