Leagues March, 21st 2011 by IHW

World Wide Weekend - Part 1

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This is the first part of a post weekend league update. Just so you can quickly see what happened in the different leagues around the world.

Both in Spain and France there were no games this weekend. Both leagues continue on March 26th.

In Italy five games were played. For those who have followed the Italian league in the last years: a lot has changed. The autocracy of the Asiago Vipers (Italian champion in ’04 trough ’09 and European champion in 2007 in 2008) has disappeared. The Vipers got known around the world by signing CJ Yoder and Brian Yingling and have them play for the team in the European Cup. This year the team has not been the same (sponsors leaving, different roster) and they’re in the middle of the standings. This weekend Asiago played in Monleale and came up short (7-5). Ghosts Padova, the league’s leader, played the league’s number last and had a tough away game. Still, they came out on top and won 8-5. The league’s number two and three, Milano 24 and Ferrara, also both won – causing the top 3 to remain unchanged. Milano 24 played the Pirati Civitavecchia, who had Stephen Campbell (Mission Axiom) and Joe Doran (LA Pama Cyclones) on their roster this season, and won in a close game 5-4. Ferrara played Diavoli Vicenza and won 5-4.

To check out this weekend’s scores in the AIHL, please visit their website. If you know any scores that are not published yet (Pama vs. Ducks?) please post them as comment and we’ll update the article.

  • Christian Zöberer says

    Please contakt me if you are interested in news about the Austrian Inlineskaterhockey league

    • IHW says

      Hey Christian, just send us your news and we will take a look at it. If it's interesting enough, we will definitely publish it!

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