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World Wide Weekend - Part 2

In part two of our trip around the different leagues we will start off with a call for help. Feedback on the new IHW has been great, but we need more eyes to watch games and more hands to write articles. So if you live (or even play) in France, Spain, Italy or an inline hockey friendly state in the US and would like to write about what happens in your part of the world please contact us.

We already found some people to help us out, so expect more articles to be published soon. This is also the reason why the World Wide Weekend series will focus on the European leagues for now, while other writers will cover AIHL, PIHA and MLRH.


We wrote about French league in our article about Joey Doran, who now plays for Rethel. The French regular season is almost over and since this year they have installed a play-off system. We didn’t really know what the setup was, but luckily our friend Wikipedia does:

At the end of the regular season, six teams with the highest number of points qualify for the playoffs. Teams are seeded one through six based on their records. The Championnat de France playoffs is an elimination tournament, where two teams battle to win a best-of-three series in order to advance to the next round. The first and second seeded teams receive first round byes to the second round. The first round of the playoffs, or quarterfinals, consists of the third seed playing the sixth seed, and the fourth playing the fifth. In the second round, or semifinals, the first seed plays against the winner of the third and sixth place series, and the second seed playing the winner of the fourth and fifth place series. In the third round, or Championnat de France, the two remaining teams play each other for the championship.

This weekend five games were played in France. Doran couldn’t help his new team Rethel get the win. Anglet, the league’s number one team, came out on top with a 2-3 win. Villeneuve, with Osterkamp on their roster, got one point out of their 5-5 tied game against Grenoble. Caen, the former team of Team Canada’s Thomas Woods, lost their game against Amiens 2-3. Rouen, in last place, outplayed Nice for their seconf victory this season (10-3). Toulouse vs Angers ended in 2-4. Check the updated standings from France right here on IHW.


Junior Cadiz returned to Spain this weekend, but did not compete for his team CPLV Valladolid. Both Cadiz and Chavira will be playing in Valladolid’s last games of the season. Valladolid did win however, beating Gran Canaria with a score of 4-7. Mallorca also won their game against and in Tres Cantos 1-5. Sotlar scored two goals, PJ Tallo had two helpers. Rubi Cent Patin beat Sant Andreu 6-2, Castellon beat Alcorcon 6-4 and Tenerife won their game against Playa de Oropesa 5-2. Check the IHW Pro Standings to see how these scores have influenced the rankings in Spain.


In Italy the last round of regular season games were played, so the play-off pairs are final. The number one team Trieste will play Asiago that qualified 8th. Asiago had an important win against Cittadella this weekend, 8-4. Trieste played against the number three Milano 24 and won 12-9. The number two team Padova beat Vicenza with a score of 9-7. These teams will also meet in round one of the play-offs. Other scores can be found on the league’s website. The final standings of regular season are on the Italy tab of our Pro Standings page.

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