Leagues April, 4th 2011 by IHW

World Wide Weekend - Part 3

A packed edition of our World Wide Weekend series, as all European leagues are coming to a close. A missed plane and the arrival of Joaquin Chavira in France, his brother Itan coming to Spain and the first round of play-off games in Italy. Let us know in the comments below who you think will be crowned as champion in each country after the play-offs end.


We invited everybody to watch the game between Anglet and Amiens last week, but unfortunately Amiens never made it to Anglet. Apparently they missed their flight and weren’t able to get new tickets, forcing them to return home. Four other games did get played, with Joey Doran in his first game for Rethel. Rethel played in and against Grenoble and had to battle hard to leave with a point. Joey Doran scored his first goal to equalize the game, 2-2. Joaquin Chavira arrived in France to help out Osterkamp and had a great start with his Villeneuve team. They played two games this weekend. They first beat the Hawks from Angers with a final score of 3-8. On Sunday they played the Spiders from Rouen and came out on top again, 3-7. Chavira scored 2 goals (visit photo gallery). In the remaining games Rouen tied Toulouse (8-8) and Nice lost at home against Caen (3-4). Because Amiens forfeited their game Rethel remains in 2nd place in the French standings. Villeneuve jumped to 7th place, avoiding relegation. One more game day remains next weekend. After that the French are preparing for the National Cup final, which will be played on April 16th between Anglet and the winner of the second semi-final game between Villeneuve (Osterkamp & J. Chavira) and Rethel (Doran), played on April 10th in Villeneuve . The final game will be broadcasted live on French TV (Orange Sport).

Joey Doran (photo by Black Ghost)

Osterkamp & Chavira (photo by W. Taupin)



Five games were played this weekend in the Spanish league and Valladolid was able to write down Itan Chavira on their roster again. Chavira joined Cadiz in a 6-2 win over Rubin, both contributed with two goals. Espanya crushed Gran Canaria at home (13-4) with three goals by Tallo, three by Tomas and two by Sotlar. Tallo also had two apples in his 5-point game. In the remaining games Tenerife defeated Alcorcon (6-2), Castellon defeated St. Andreu (3-2) and Tres Cantos won their game against Playas de Oropesa. The Finnish Petri Partanen, who played for Finland in the IIHF World Championships, scored three goals for Tres Cantos. After this weekend Valladolid remains undefeated in the Spanish standings, closely followed by Espanya. Espanya lost in and against Valladolid this season, but will play them again at home in the last game of the regular season.


It’s play-offs time in Italy, with eight teams battling for the championship. The number one seed, Trieste, played the number eight Asiago on Sunday. After the first half Asiago was still in the race (2-2), but in the second Trieste came out stronger and beat Asiago 8-4. Padova, the number two seed, beat Vicenza 8-5. On Saturday Civitavecchia, seeded sixth, upset Milano 24 (3rd seed) with a 7-3 victory. In a close game between the fourth and fifth seeded teams, Ferrara and Arezzo, the lower seeded team Arezzo came out on top with a 6 to 4 win.

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